Borrowing Materials


Your library card gives you access to more than 5 million items from the BCCLS consortium of libraries to which we belong including bestsellers, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, video games,  periodicals, downloadable e-books, and e-audiobooks. You must present a valid library card to borrow materials.

Loan Periods and Fines – Wyckoff Public Library Materials*

New Books 14 days $0.10/day
Adult & Juvenile Books 21 days $0.10/day
Juvenile Holiday Books 14 days $0.10/day
Audio Books 21 days $0.10/day
DVDs 7 days $1.00/day
TV Series DVDs 21 days $1.00/day
Music CDs 21 days $0.10/day
Periodicals 7 days $0.10/day
Videogames 7 days $1.00/day

*Items owned by other libraries are subject to those libraries’ loan periods and fines.

There is a maximum of 50 items per patron including the following restriction: 3 books in the same subject area.

Your card will be blocked if your privilege expires, you owe $10 or more in fines, or you have more than 10 overdue items. Patrons are responsible for all lost or damaged items.

The library is not responsible for damage to DVD or CD players.

Requesting Materials

Wyckoff Library is a member of BCCLS, a consortium of 77 public libraries in northern New Jersey with a shared catalog. You may place requests online or in person for any of the more than 5 million items available within the system. If the item you wish to borrow cannot be found within the BCCLS system, we can attempt to borrow it through Inter-Library Loan

Inter-Library Loans may be requested at the reference desk. Items published within the last six months cannot be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan.  If your request is for a new item, you may wish to request that we purchase it. You may request up to five Inter-Library Loans per week. 

Privacy Policy

We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

The records of patron use of library resources, materials or services are confidential. Patron borrowing records are protected by New Jersey Statute. No staff member or trustee shall reveal the borrowing history of an individual except under the circumstances outlined by this procedure.


N.J.S.A. 18A:73-43.2. Confidentiality of library users’ records Library records which contain the names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of libraries are confidential and shall not be disclosed except in the following circumstances:

  1. The records are necessary for the proper operation of the library;
  2. Disclosure is requested by the user; or
  3. Disclosure is required pursuant to a subpoena issued by a court or court order.


A patron may request that staff identify items currently charged to his/her card. If a parent possesses their minor child’s library card staff will honor requests for the disclosure of information related to that card. Children over the age of 12 years and having full possession of their library card will have their records protected.

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