Patron Rules of Conduct


The Wyckoff Public Library seeks to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all patrons and to balance the desire to welcome children of all ages to the library for the purposes of reading, educational and recreational activities with the need to maintain an environment that is appealing to patrons of all ages and that is conducive to study, thought and contemplation.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss acceptable library behaviors with children in their care prior to visiting the library.

Disruptive behavior on the part of any patron is unacceptable.  Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, loud, boisterous talking or the use of profanity, utilizing computer equipment to access objectionable sites, playing or running in the building, mistreating library property, and other activities that distract others from using the library appropriately.

Persons, who (a) damage or alter library property (including materials and equipment); (b) steal library materials; (c) physically harm staff or patrons or (d) threaten, harass, or verbally abuse staff or patrons in person, over the phone, or via electronic communication, shall have library privileges revoked and are subject to prosecution.

The following activities are not allowed in the library:

  • Smoking

  • Animals except those needed to assist a patron with a disability

  • Playing of audio equipment so that others can hear it

  • Interfering with another person’s use of the library or with library personnel’s performance of their duties

  • Stealing or vandalizing any library materials or properties.  Keep magazines and newspapers intact, i.e. do not cut out coupons or offers

  • Leaving young children unattended, even when caregivers are in other areas of the building

  • Leaving valuable or personal belongings unattended

  • Harassing library users or staff, verbally, physically or sexually

  • Engaging in disruptive conduct including loud talking, rude language, making noise, running, pushing, and fighting

  • Using fire exits except in an emergency

  • Entering non-public areas without permission

  • Using cell phones

  • Gambling

  • Solicitation of contributions or signatures

  • Selling merchandise or services

  • Conducting surveys without the permission of the Director

  • Not wearing shoes and shirts

Refusal to comply with the above regulations, when brought to a patron’s attention by an employee of the library, or continued violation of these provisions shall result in the expulsions and/or loss of library privileges.

 Revised 11/13/2015