Xerox mobile cloud printing


xerox copierInstructions for printing from your computer or mobile device to our Xerox copier/printer

• From any computer or mobile device, send an email message to including attachments for printing.

• You will receive a message back from Xerox with a 6-digit Express Code.

• On the Xerox printer, press the Services Home button and then @PrintByXerox on the touch screen.

• Enter your Express Code.

• From the Document list, select the document(s) you would like to print (you might want to uncheck the actual email message) and press Print.

• The “Submitting Job to Print” screen will display. Wait until the process is completed and you will see the message “Job submitted for print.”

• Press “exit” and confirm.

• Then, press the Job Status button, select your job by your email address and >Release.

Download printable PDF >>

Or, you may copy your file to a flash drive and insert it directly into the XEROX printer. The following file types are supported: PDF, TIFF & JPEG.   Read more >>