Strategic Plan


 Wyckoff Free Public Library

“Our Next Chapter: Strategic Plan for 2017-2019”

Strategic Planning Committee

Laura Leonard, Library Director

Margaret Chagares, President of the Board of Trustees

Grace White, Superintendent of Schools Representative

Marilyn Force, Adult Services Librarian

Denise Marchetti, Children’s Librarian

Veronica Potenza, Technology Librarian

Joellen Tierney, Circulation Supervisor

The library worked from May to December 2017 to create this new strategic plan to provide direction and focus to our work for the coming three years. We solicited community feedback through a survey available in print and online.

We used the community input, plus ideas and opinions from the whole staff and the Board of Trustees, to identify six service responses, the priorities most important and relevant to Wyckoff that this library will strive to meet. To each service response, we attached specific goals. The plan lists all the service responses and goals we set for ourselves. To each goal, we have created action steps we as a staff hope to accomplish in the first year of the plan toward reaching the goals. We will then write a series of new action steps for ourselves in winter of 2017 for year two of the plan, and do the same at the end of 2018. The staff will meet quarterly to assess our progress and plan our tasks for the coming three months toward attaining the year’s action steps. Laura will report back to the Board of Trustees after these staff meetings to keep the trustees informed on what we are doing to fulfill our commitment to this strategic plan. These oral reports will become part of the board meeting minutes, which are posted on our web site to provide public access to them.

If anyone has any questions about the library’s strategic plan, please contact our current director, Laura Leonard at 201-891-0656 or

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