Wi-Fi, Printing from mobile devices & scanner information


Our network name is WyckoffPublicLibrary. Please be aware that this is not a secure network.

To print using the Xerox machine, copy your file to a flash drive and insert it directly into the Xerox printer. The following file types are supported: PDF, TIFF & JPEG.

If you’d like to print directly from your personal laptop to our Xerox printer, you can download the appropriate driver using this link to the Xerox website.

Once the printer driver is installed, you can find the printer at the following IP address:

Another option is to email the document to yourself and print from one of our public computers:

  • 8 desktop PCs, which print to an HP printer
  • 6 desktop iMacs, which print to the Xerox printer — located in the copier hallway of the library (instructions >>)
  • the laptop PC at our scanning station, which prints to the Xerox printer

Please note: Printing prices are displayed on the printer.

We now have a scanner, located where the microfilm reader used to be — to the right of the stairway. Scanned documents and pictures can be saved to a flash drive or attached to your email.  Information about how to use the scanner is at the scanning station.
Download scanner instructions >>

xerox copierMultiple-page scanning to a USB flash drive is now available with our new Xerox copier/printer. Don’t have a flash drive? No worries. Just ask to borrow one at the reference desk.
Once you have saved the document or picture to a USB drive, you can email it to yourself using one of our public computers. If you have borrowed our USB drive, you should delete your file before returning the flash drive.

Questions? Ask a reference librarian.

If you’re wondering what happened to the microfilm machine, it is now upstairs in the History Room.